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With an unprecedented range of homebrew products, world beers, wines ciders and regional artisan products, Rock Brewshop are dedicated to sourcing top quality products from independent producers.

Our Homebrew Products!


There is a deeply satisfying sense of accomplishment opening the first bottle of homebrew, a feeling that can't be beaten just by picking up a six pack at the supermarket.

In fact, once you try it, the process can become more of a hobby with benefits.

Explore the potential to create your own beers, wines & ciders for a fraction of the cost you buy at the supermarket with the added satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself!


Not to mention

Our Artisan Products

At Rock Brewshop, the pride of discovering artisanal products in the region, including cheeses and wines, is a wonderful feeling. Local food and drink made by passionate individuals using traditional methods often offer a unique taste that cannot be found anywhere else. The care and attention that goes into the production of these products is evident in every bite and sip. Savouring every morsel and glass is an experience that must be had by all food and wine lovers. Supporting local artisans not only helps promote the economy but also helps preserve the unique cultural heritage of the region. It is a true pleasure to discover such hidden gems and indulge in the flavors of the region.

Samuel Smith's beers finally land in Gibraltar!

For the first time ever, ale & beer lovers can get the best of world-class traditional
English brewing right here in Gibraltar!

Fiercely independent and renowned for their age-old brewing methods using high-quality ingredients, Samuel Smith's has been the ultimate choice among discerning beer enthusiasts for nearly three centuries!

All of the Samuel Smith range are totally organic and, apart from Yorkshire Stingo they are all vegan friendly (registered with the Vegan Society UK), with the apple & pear cider also being gluten free.

Their Yorkshire Stingo (formerly Museum Ale) was the tipple of choice for the inimitable TV detective, Inspector Morse. With the help of Rock Brewshop, Samuel Smith's amazing beverages can now be enjoyed right here in Gibraltar!

Whether you're a fan of rich dark stouts, traditional English ales, pure brewed lager, unrivalled fruit beers or even superb apple and pear ciders, our Samuel Smiths range really does have something for everyone - including their world-famous 'Taddy Porter'!

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We endeavour to provide our clientele a service that cannot be equalled on the Rock, with products that also have no rivals.

Our dedication to unrivaled service sets us apart on the Rock. We offer a selection of products that are second to none, ensuring you'll never have to settle for anything less than extraordinary. It's all about elevating your drinking experience to new heights, one sip at a time.

We are committed to providing a selection of products free from any obligation to a particular supplier, which will allow us to offer a range that cannot be found elsewhere.

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